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Furniture Glides
Bracket Levelers
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Heavy Duty Corner Levelers - Inch
Corner Leveler - Inch
Heavy Duty Leveler Guides - Inch
Heavy Duty Lifting Levelers - Inch
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Bracket Levelers

Heavy Duty Corner Levelers Heavy Duty Corner Levelers
Attaches under edge and inside base wall of cabinet or furniture to supply invisible lift and leveling support with just four screws. Wide foot pad provides solid base of support for up to 330 lbs per four leveling mounts. Customized fit courtesy of simple allen wrench (not included).
Corner Leveler Corner Leveler
Save time with S&Ws Corner Leveler. Heavy gauge steel bracket attaches to interior corners of furniture or cabinets under the base and inside the walls for an invisible lift. Leveling mount with padded, swivel foot pad, threads through bracket for a perfectly flush fit with floor. Supports up to 200 lbs.
Heavy Duty Leveler Guides Heavy Duty Leveler Guides
OEM can attach brackets at factory, and thread the polymer padded leveling mount on location for smooth, inexpensive, damage-free shipping. Brackets should be installed on long cabinets or furniture every 2 for best results. Adjusts up to 3 and supports 100 lbs. per mount.
Heavy Duty Lifting Levelers Heavy Duty Lifting Levelers
For extra support of heavy loads, this wall bracket attaches under the bottom edge of furniture or cabinet for perfect lift and leveling. Padded, swivel foot mount promises easy glide and a level surface.

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