Anti-Vibe® Vibration Control Mounts

The patented Anti-Vibe® leveling mount is engineered to reduce transmitted vibrations in all types of machinery and sensitive instruments, from large CNC machines to laboratory scales. Offered in three capacities, a properly specified Anti-Vibe® mount can isolate transmitted machinery vibrations by up to 98%. In doing so, customers protect their large investments in machinery by reducing maintenance costs and the costs associated with premature machine failure. For best results use the mount with the maximum load range closest to the specific weight capacity required for each mount.


  • Low carbon steel with yellow zinc finish or 303 stainless steel
  • One-piece machined stud
  • Light-, medium- and heavy-duty capacities
  • Mounts with studs furnished with jam nut
  • Inch and metric threads
  • Customize any stud

Product Types